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                 UNIVERSAL POWDER
                 SPECIAL POWDER
        Epoxy/Polyester Powder Coatings
        Introduction:Epoxy/Polyester is mainly made of epoxy resin and polyester resin.
        Feature:Good mechanical performance.
        Smooth, glossy and good film
        Excellent corrosion resistance.
        Good heat resistance and light resistance than pure epoxy powder

        Uses:Coating and decoration of metal (steel or aluminum) items for indoor items
        such as electrical appliances, hardware etc

        Series of Product: Standard and lower temperature curing products
        It could be made to various luster and color
        It could be made to various kinds of art texture products,such as flat,lanose
        grain,webbing,wrinkle,sandy,hammer tone etc

        Physical Property:Density: 1.1-1.8 g/cm3,standard and lower temperature curing
        Granularity distribution:Varies with different purpose.Average particle size is
        28-40um,10um-84um powder >90% Volatility<2%

        Coating Film Property:
        Properties Test Method Value
        Pencil Hardness GB/T 6739-1996 H
        Impact strength test GB/T 1732-93 50 KG cm
        Erichsen cupping GB 9753-88 6mm
        Adhesion GB/T 9286-1998 0grade
        Bend test GB 6742-86 3mm
        Salt spray test GB/T 1771-91 100h no change
        Humid heat test GB/T 1740-79 1000h 1 grade
        Accelerated light aging test ASTM G154 QUV 0.78m/m2 340nm 500h

        Applying Condition: Pretreatment:Phosphated Chromated
        Coating method:Electrostatic-fluidized bed coating;Corona electrostatic spray
        coating;Tribo-electrification coating
        Curing condition: 200C/10min or 180C/15min or 160C/20min

        Packing:Double pvc bag,net weight is 20KG each carton

        Storage:Dry room with good ventilation, Temperture is lowder than 30C,avoid direct
        sunlight.There are 12 months to maintain under this condition.Expired prod
        ucts still cannot be used unless testing results meet the utilization standards
        Health and Safety: There are no hazardous ingredients in all the raw materials of powder coatings
        and no hazardous gas will be released while using.However,the inhalation of
        dusts should be avoilded.An operator should wear an anti-dust mask and try
        best to avoid long-term contact with the powder coating.Those coaings sticked
        on the skin should be washed by soap

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        Chinapont powder coatings
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